PRI's Farming Programs

Want to grow healthy food in your community?  PRI Cold Climate offers two season-long programs designed to build your knowledge, skills, confidence and experience in local food production. Learn how you can get involved today!


Our Urban Farming Certification Program is a permaculture-based, comprehensive 9 month training program that weaves together classroom work, individual mentoring, and hands-on practical farming experience and will certify 25 new farmers in 2014. Whether you’re ready to start your own urban CSA or small business, hoping to teach, become a local foods leader, or simply looking to ensure healthy food to your neighbors and family, we invite you to join us by applying today! Click HERE to learn more, or the link below to apply!

Applications for our 2014 Urban Farming Certification Program are now open!  Click HERE to apply today.

Not sure if you're ready to design and manage your own urban farm next year?  Check out PRI Cold Climate’s  Apprenticeship Program!  This new 10-month experience provides 200 hours of work experience with a PRI certified farm in and around the Twin Cities. Apprentices work alongside permaculture-based farmers in everything from greenhouses, to gardens, and farm fields, as well as attend lectures, demonstrations, and foundational skill building classes through PRI’s course programming. Click HERE to learn more, or the link below to apply today!

Applications for our 2014 Apprenticeship Program are now open!  Click HERE to apply today.


In 2010, PRI launched the Twin Cities’ first Urban Farming Certification Program to meet the increased demand for local foods by training urban farmers in organic, sustainable, and high-production agriculture. This groundbreaking program plays an invaluable and unique role in our community by providing accessible, comprehensive training in permaculture and organic growing principles that builds greater food security for region. The Urban Farming Certification Program is specifically designed to provide urban farmers with the unique knowledge required for driving innovation within the growing urban farming market.  After successfully training and launching fifteen new urban farmers in 2011, PRI expanded its Certification Program to include twenty-five new urban farmers in 2012 and provide more than sixty workshops, engaging more local communities than ever before. We look forward to our next season and invite you to join us today!

Not sure if you’re ready for certification? Looking for hands-on guidance throughout the growing season next year by season urban farmers? In response to these and similar concerns, in 2013, PRI launched its very first Apprenticeship Program. Applications for this program in 2015 are now open. To learn more about our apprenticeship program click HERE.