PRI Cold Climate offers a number of programs for our active members and folks from the community.


PRI-Cold Climate's professionally trained and certified instructors are developing and expanding their curriculum, which covers a variety of special topics, including soil health, waterworks, earthworks, energy systems, natural building, guild and polyculture design, and more.

In 2014, we are offering over 70 workshops on a wide variety of topics surrounding permaculture, urban farming, high-yield production and more. Interested? Check out our calendar to see upcoming workshops, or flip through our 2014 Course Catalog to see everything we're offering this year.

Introduction to Permaculture Workshops
One-day Introduction to Permaculture Workshops teach basic permaculture concepts and showcase permaculture case studies applied locally. 

Urban Farming Programs

Urban Farming Certification Program

Our Urban Farming Certification Program is a permaculture-based, comprehensive 9 month training program that weaves together classroom work, individual mentoring, and hands-on practical farming experience and will certify 30 new farmers in 2014. Whether you’re ready to start your own urban CSA or small business, hoping to teach, become a local foods leader, or simply looking to ensure healthy food to your neighbors and family, we invite you to join us by applying today!

Urban Farming Apprenticeship Program

This new 10-month experience provides 200 hours of work experience with a PRI certified urban farm in the Twin Cities. Apprentices work alongside certified urban farmers in everything from greenhouses, to gardens, and urban farm fields, as well as attend lectures, demonstrations, and foundational skill building classes through PRI’s course programming.

Advanced Permaculture Design Series

This course seeks to explore the ecological context we now live in, develop pattern and observation skills, and improve our ability to design by mimicking natural systems using Permaculture principles. Together we will deepen our design skills through classroom learning, field trips, working in small groups, and examining real Permaculture inspired sites. 2014 is the pilot year of this series, in which we hope to have 18 people move through the program. 

Nature's Edge Designs

Nature's Edge Designs uses permaculture principles and ethics to create living, participatory models in gardens, playgrounds, and other community spaces.



Permaculture Collaborative

The Collaborative’s mission is to engage people in building restorative culture in all aspects of their daily lives by creating an active learning community and hosting community-building and capacity-building events such as skill shares, work-and-learns, service and learning projects, guest speakers, film festivals, and community celebrations.