A Hands-On, Immersive Permaculture Experience

Our Permaculture Apprenticeship Program is in hiatus for 2017.

In past years, the program has offered immersive instruction and work experience in permaculture practices, including land stewardship, whole systems design, natural building, micro-enterprise, urban farming, and public education. 

In 2016, 14 apprentices graduated after working alongside mentors at various host sites. The apprentices broadened their permaculture knowledge through coursework and site visits while discovering the necessary tools needed to teach their own communities the skills they'd learned throughout the growing season. 

Watch here for an announcement of future programs and see past program information below. You can always contact us with questions or subscribe to receive updates on permaculture opportunities.

2016 Host Sites

Apprenticeship Requirements

In a typical year, participants complete five educational sessions and up to 100 hours of hands-on field work with their host site. Field hours are scheduled to suit both host sites and apprentices throughout the growing season. 

Classes Include:

  • Care for the Future: Sustainable Finance; Storytelling
  • Care for People: Body as an Ecosystem; Personal Permaculture
  • Care for Earth: Ecological Cycles & Processes; Water & Soil; Plants & Animals
  • Foundation Setting: Introduction to Permaculture; Power, Privilege, Permaculture

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