We are a community of “learners” and “doers”

PRI can not exist without the support of our members like you! We are an inclusive, multicultural community with a strong, engaged membership. Our membership is diverse in skills, talents, resources and passions. We have many ways for people of all ages to connect to the community and participate at whatever level works best.

PRI Cold Climate has grown out of the tradition and history of our Permaculture Collaborative, and as such, we value the input and vision of our community members as we continue to evolve to meet the growing needs of our region. We invite you to be part of that growth process, and look forward to the exciting changes and developments that are sure to happen in the coming year.

Becoming a member of PRI Cold Climate means you are joining our regional permaculture community - a vibrant, engaged group of folks learning and practicing permaculture in cold climates all over the world!  Your support is critical in helping us make sure permaculture is valued, recognized and accessible everywhere, and we can’t thank you enough for that!

We want to support you throughout your permaculture journey and connect you to others doing the same. As an active participant in our community, you can share your skills and knowledge and learn with and from others. PRI fosters this connectivity through classes, skill shares, work and learns and events, some of which are for members only.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a PRI member today!

PRI Members have built permaculture demo sites in:

  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Canada

Our members are:

  • Designers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Photographers
  • Authors
  • Architects
  • Researchers
  • Activists
  • Teachers
  • Gardeners
  • Artists
  • Ecologists
  • Builders
  • Ecopreneurs

Thank You to Our Founding Members!

We are grateful to our Founding Members for their early and invaluable support. From our hearts, we sincerely thank our Founders for their steadfast dedication to our mission and their significant contributions to the cause. Founders are individuals, families, friends, businesses, organizations and informal groups of people who supported the Collaborative in its early stages of organization by making a one-time financial contribution of $100 or more, beyond regular membership fees. In the spring of 2006, these generous individuals and groups strengthened the Permaculture movement, helped establish the Collaborative's self-sustaining infrastructure and funded critical start-up costs, ensuring the movement's future here in the Upper Midwest cold temperate climate bioregions. It is their generosity that made the founding of PRI Cold Climate a great success.

  • Erika and Philip Koffel
  • Cheryl Landgren
  • Matthew Nienow & Maria Rodriguez
  • Partners in Mission
  • Amy Pilling
  • The Queens of Sustainable Happiness
  • Susan Rode
  • Fran & Gordon Stallings
  • Sunset Acres, Indiana
  • Doug & Rhoda Swanson
  • Courtney Tchida
  • The Thomas Family
  • Patrick Thomas
  • Guy Trombley
  • Paula Westmoreland
  • David R. Woolley
  • Wright Touch Therapies
  • Anonymous
  • Bruce Bacon
  • Bruce Blair
  • Dave Boehnlein
  • Dana & Jeanmarie Burtness
  • Tracy Cook – Permaculture Life
  • Diadra Decker
  • John Dingley
  • Christy James & Randy Donelson
  • Dual Currency Systems
  • Eco-Building & Forestry LLC
  • Ecological Gardens LLC
  • Friends & Family of Patrick and Milena
  • Hunt Utilities Group
  • Mark Jordan
  • Maria Kaffer
  • Lorilea & Otmar Klimek