Soil Science

Urban soils are often abused soils, but they can be regenerated. This practical workshop addresses the identification of soil problems and instructs on how to jump start the soil regeneration process. Together we'll take a look at your topsoil, so bring a topsoil sample (about 1/2 gallon), and be prepared to get your hands dirty.

Class content will be relevant to both beginner and intermediate students.

PLEASE bring a soil sample, students won’t get much out of the class if they do not bring a soil sample.

This class is sponsored by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Learn about the sustainable design program here.

Course Details

  • Workshop Title:
    Soil Science
  • Date:
    Saturday, 15 February 2014
  • Teacher:
    Fred Rozumalski, Cheryl Feigum
  • Location:
    MCAD, Classroom 410
  • Level:
  • Teacher Bio:

    Fred Rozumalski holds degrees in Horticulture, Ecology and Landscape Architecture. He is currently employed as a Landscape Ecologist with Barr Engineering Company in Minneapolis, MN and has worked on projects involving native plant community restoration, stormwater harvesting, and sustainable landscape design. He strives to create diverse, ecologically sound and attractive landscapes that function to meet people’s needs and desires. Rozumalski has co-authored Lakescaping for Wildlife and Water Quality with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

    Cheryl is a PhD Soil Scientist specializing in the classification and analysis of soils. Cheryl compiles environmental assessment worksheets and conducts wetland functional assessments at Barr Engineering Co.

  • Date of Class:
    Saturday, February 15th, 9 am - 1 pm
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    Soil Science

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