The Advanced Series: in whole systems permaculture design

Our Whole Systems Design program is an advanced permaculture series ideal for those who have existing design experience. This is a unique opportunity to develop your skills in the art and science of adaptive and holistic permaculture design, under the guidance of experienced mentors. Graduates will emerge from these courses with the tools to find innovative solutions to complex problems in any system: ie: land & nature stewardship, building, tools, and technology, education & culture, health & spiritual well-being, finances & economics, land tenure, and community governance. Paula Westmoreland, Lindsay Rebhan, and Bruce Blair will facilitate and instruct most of the Advanced courses, as well as guest instructors. 

Want to learn how permaculture can regenerate your lifestyle and livelihood?  PRI Cold Climate offers three season-long programs designed to build your confidence and experience in permaculture design and local food production. Learn how you can get involved today!

Our Urban Farming Certification Program is a permaculture-based, comprehensive 9-month training program that weaves together classroom work, individual consultations, and hands-on practical farming experience. In 2015, PRI will certify 20 new farmers. Whether you’re ready to start your own urban CSA or small business, hoping to teach, become a local foods leader, or simply looking to ensure healthy food to your neighbors and family, we invite you to join us by applying today! Click HERE to learn more, or the link below to apply!

Applications for our 2015 Urban Farming Certification Program, our Apprenticeship Program, and our Advanced Series are now open!

Information & Resources

  • Community Connections

    urlPRI Book Club -Wednesday, February 18th, 6-8pm

    Location - The Riverview Wine Bar - 3747 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis

    This month we will be reading We will be discussing "Turn Here Sweet Corn" by Atina Diffley. As always, folks are welcome regardless of how far along they are in the book!

    Email LibbyThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.



  • Urban Farming Resources

    PRI Cold Climate works to build the capacity of our urban farmers. Whether you are working as an urban farmer or simply growing your own fresh foods in your backyard, PRI will continue to provide as much education and resources as possible for urban growers throughout the year.

  • Regional Connections

    PRI is a regional non-profit, and as such, we want to support the good work that is happening in cold climates all over the world, particularly in the upper-Midwest (which we call home.) Below are some updates from local permaculture initiatives that definitely deserve your support. If you are in these areas, please check them out!  Want your events added below? Email LibbyThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get your info listed. Located in or near the Twin Cities? Check out our Community Connections page for local updates.